Below can be found a case study describing the process of developing the bottle for Ožujsko brewery.


Ožujsko is a Croatian brewery founded in 1892 and is the leader on the Croatian beer market. It is innovative and design driven company that creates and leads the innovation in beer manufacturing.


The task was to redesign 0,33l bottle for HoReCa therefore a broad research on Croatia, Zagreb, and history of its brewery was conducted. The target audience was studied in order to become familiar with Ožujsko`s consumers, their age, hobbies, thinking, drinking habits, etc.
The design of the bottle was executed first in sketches, where a huge range of possibilities and diverse ideas was explored.

There were selected the most appealing ideas from the sketching phase, that represent the innovation and uniqueness of the new bottle. Several concepts were presented to the client.


The highlights of these concepts are innovative grip that is represented in three different ways, modern appeal, that still corresponds with the rest of Ožujsko portfolio family, and strong attractiveness of the bottle compared to the competition in HoReCa.

For consumer tests there were created mock-ups from precise 3D models made in SolidWorks. From the very first moment of receiving the mock-ups of the bottles and holding them, it was obvious that the team succeed to design a original and special bottles with amazing grip potential.

Final product

The selected concept is a bottle that was called "New classic". The uniqueness of the bottle is that the body from the front view is curved. There had to be added cylindrical surface that creates the necessary area for the paper label. The connection of the cylindrical surface with the curved bottle was hidden by the half circle emboss with the embossed text. The design team evaluated and constructed precise 3D model that was used for the production.

The special silhouette gives the bottle an interesting shape and an excellent grip and attracts young consumers, but also still in line with its traditional shape.

The bottle became so admired and successful that it increased the sales of Ožujsko beer. The main advantage of the bottle, the special grip, was used also in PR and advertisement. The TV adds based on the idea of the grip won the best advertisement of 2012.

The same year the bottle was rewarded with two awards the First Place in the category "PACKAGING OF CROATIAN PRODUCT" and subsequently, Ožujsko bottle was also declared the "BEST OF THE BEST" packaging in Croatia 2012.

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