I have described a few out of many ideas, loops and innovations that have been implemented during a project redesigning scooters for Yedoo.

Yedoo scooters

Intrea Yedoo is a Czech company producing scooters and are currently expanding across Europe. Intrea is a design driven company that aims to have their own branded scooters that represent the values of the brand such as user friendly, playful and urban.


The task was to redesign superior line-up of scooters. The start was targeting a specific strategy of each scooter type (age of the users, their habits, location of use etc.).
The sketching phase followed, where the challenge was to incorporate innovation within the traditional approach of Yedoo. There were several issues on the current bikes that needed improvement such as heel and knee protection and protection against copying, because the production is based in China.

There were designed two main directions of evolution from current range.

The first initial sketches were discussed and from the Yedoo┬┤s feedback there were developed two updated series of variants.


It was chosen The Urban Life as it was perceived as the best suitable variant that represents best the Yedoo brand.

In order to evaluate the whole frame and the overall impression each scooter was printed on a 1:1 scale. This helped Yedoo and designers discuss the possibilities of production, the impression of the scooter and to keep the family feeling of the line-up.

Final product

It was a big challenge and a huge learning opportunity to get all the new details of the scooters finalized and approved by all sides : the design team/Yedoo/China. The uniqueness of scooters is in the modification of the frames, the stepboard, parking stand and the frame that are designed carefully so that none of them can be copied or used individually.

This new visual identity is applied on all scooters superior line.

15 scooters were redesigned so far for Yedoo.

2N wi-fi router sketches

2N wi-fi router sketches

2N wi-fi router sketches